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Martial Arts  and

Self-Defense Training

I am not teaching you how to fight. I am teaching you how to control evil

- Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

PaSaRyu (Way of Honor) is a martial art involving traditional karate, kung-fu and taekwondo into an effective self-defense skill. Grandmaster Ox, Kang Rhee starte PaSaRyu in Memphis, Tennessee and has taught some of the greatest martial artist like Bill “Superfoot” Wallace. Tiger PaSaRyu Martial Arts is taught by 4th Degree Black Belt, Mister Tiger, Nishith Trivedi.

As a member of PaSaRyu martial art, we are a family serving our community. Our studio is the community we serve, whether it be an individual, family, community center, school, local gym, park, or any facility that needs a traditional martial arts or self-defense training, we are at your service. We focus on the individual, teaching the ways of honor to people of all ages.

We are currently located in the Orange County Recreation Center and Orange County SportsPlex in Hillsborough, NC and always looking for more opportunities to serve the community.

Orange County

Recreation Center

Traditional Martial Arts

Learn traditional Karate, Kung-Fu and Taekwondo through a mixed martial arts. Develop a strong foundation, apply effective techniques, and define your own sense of honor. Challenge yourself through board breaking, katas, sparring, self-defense, and honorable principles. Those committed to becoming a true martial artist may register with PaSaRyu Association through the instructor and become leaders in the program and community.

Adult Self-Defense

Learn how to protect yourself from kicks, punches, grabs, submissions, and throws while delivering effective ones using martial art techniques. Practice escaping from guard, different mounts, and other positions while being effective in them by developing your Jujitsu skills. Test yourself and the instructor with fun fitness challenges like ATAs 5-minute drill. Become familiar with reading your opponent by sparring with each other and the instructor. All while building friendships and sharing a common goal: Never being a victim.

Orange County


Yang Style Tai Chi

Meditate on one of the oldest traditional tai chi long forms practiced today, discover the power of your qi and apply the principles in your daily life.  Improve your memory, health, and potential as you go from one movement to the next merging your heart, mind and body.  Join in the ancient meditative art as taught by Grandmaster Yang Jun and Michael Gilman.

Women's Self-Defense

Develop instinctive self-defense skills through applied martial arts as you become confident in addressing a wide variety of situations, strikes, and submissions. Practice efficient and effective techniques while  standing, on the ground or against the wall using Jujitsu and other proven martial arts. Learn how to read your opponent through sparring and push hands. In the end, you will be able to immediately react to any given situation and circumstance with confidence.

PaSaRyu Martial Artist

A true martial artist is someone who understands the how, why, when, and where behind what they do, the mechanics that leads to results. This person is one of determinations and commitment, always striving to overcome their limitations and maximize their full potential with all they set out to accomplish. In the end a true martial artist lives a life with integrity, serves the community, and constantly improves upon who they are heart, mind and body


With proper martial arts training, a person can withstand and accomplish anything. A child can overcome pressure from bullies and peers throughout childhood with self-respect and self-discipline. An adolescent in high school can find direction and purpose by setting and accomplishing goals. A draftsman can evolve into a transportation planner through education, experience and adversity through humility and appreciation for all life has to offer. You, your family, your school and community can do the same through Tiger PaSaRyu Martial Arts.

Chief Instructor

Nishith "Mr. Tiger" Trivedi


Way of Honor